Once Upon A Time…

There was a 30-something year old princess. She was a single Mum of two, living in an idyllic Dorset village. She was having quite an adventure and decided that it would be fun to blog about it. All the people and places in this story have had their names changed to protect them from embarrassment…

My journey began almost a year ago when I left my husband, Ronald. After over a decade together it turned out that he was not my prince. Unfortunately we have a rather tumultuous relationship that I won’t bore you with here but will likely come up in future posts. That day changed my life. I told Ronald we were going, took about two hours to pack up the car with my children and as many of our belongings as would fit and drove to Dorset.

This was not a random destination. I have family here. I arrived under-weight and in ill health. I wept a lot and begged my family not to let me go back to Ronald, no matter what. A lot of legal stuff ensued (and is ongoing) but I almost have my divorce.

My gorgeous children have adapted really well to the change of circumstances and love it in Dorset. The West Country is the perfect place for us to have our adventures.


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