The castle was surrounded by thorns 

The house has felt like a jumble sale for a few weeks now. I retrieved my stuff from my old house and I’m fed up of tripping over boxes. I felt determined to sort out the castle today!

It’s been hard to sort through my old belongings. They’re from a life, and a person, that I’ve left behind and one which I have no intention of returning to. Most of it had to go straight to the tip (Ronald did not behave kindly in storing them) but the remaining things have required culling. They fall roughly into three categories; to keep, charity shop, tip. I’ve decided to adopt the attitude that if it’s not beautiful or useful then it’s not worth keeping.

I under-estimated the sentimental associations with much of it. After all, it’s only stuff. At first my family helped prevent me from simply hoarding it all and since disposing of some of those first items it’s become easier. I’ve become more ruthless, it’s quite cathartic. My daughter has begged me to keep much of it for ‘when I’m older and I have my own babies’, which has prompted conversations about how she won’t really want it then because it will be outdated, broken or inedible. This has weirdly helped me to decide what to keep; will I want it when I’m older?

I’ve also been out in the garden getting my hands dirty. I pulled up a lot of weeds and bombarded my mother with photos via What’s App of plants I couldn’t identify. I made a wobbly looking structure reminiscent of something I’d seen on Pinterest (pictured). Problem is, looking at it makes me feel drunk. I believe that drinking large quantities of gin may be the only way to make it look straight. I don’t think that’s an advisable course of action. Hopefully once the lobelia I planted in it grows and flowers it will look better. I’m wondering if gin will help in the meantime…

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