Giants and Fairies

Luckily, my children believe in magical creatures. I positively encourage this. There is a fairy for practically everything; birthday fairy, tooth fairy, dummy fairy…we also have a sock elf, who lives somewhere near the washing machine and steals socks. This is definitely the reason that I have a drawer of odd socks. It is nothing to do with the fact that I rarely pair up socks before putting them in the washing machine.

Sometimes my daughter requests a made-up bedtime story. I’ll create something fantastical involving us, our friends and our pets. Tonight the hamster met a dragon who had been shrunk by the fairy Tinkerbell and needed to escape from the castle so that he didn’t set it on fire by mistake. My daughter always loves featuring in the stories and it gives me the opportunity to be creative.

I hope that this story telling encourages my children to create their own stories. I know that they both have rather vivid imaginations. My eldest has a giant. She is adamant that he is her friend but that he hasn’t found our new house yet. She has been talking about him for at least a year now. I think it’s about time I met him and am considering inviting him over for tea. How many scones do you think a giant would eat? I get the feeling that I may need to have a bake off.

Today Tinkerbell decided to go to school with my daughter. I was warned that she was going to be a bit naughty and that when she met someone new she would hit them in the head, because she would be scared. I can only hope that my daughter didn’t spend the day flicking other children in the head and blaming it on a fairy. She did come home and say that she had made two new friends today, so maybe Tinkerbell was more helpful than we thought she would be.

What’s the strangest imaginary friend that your child has claimed to have befriended? I’d be interested to know if anyone else has a mythical being?

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